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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Corruption My Ass -- Blagojevich


I haven't got time for this, but someone had to point it out. There is no such thing as corruption in Chicago. Corruption is a deviation from contemporary community standards. He fits perfectly into business as usual in Illinois and especially Chicago and it's none of any Republican's business, the party of Herbert Hoover.
See, Chicago one wanted a reform Mayor, so they elected Kenelly (top). After two terms of that, Chicago had enough and wanted to get back to business as usual and hence the second most powerful politician in the United States, Richard Daley, was elected (above, left).
I remember walking in downtown Chicago as a kid with my father and, as we approached the courthouse, the police were leading a man out, a car drove by, and gunned him down. My Dad gave me a great moral lesson: "See? Dat's professionals -- not a single civilian hit. Dat's how to do tings."
Blagojevich, the current Governor (we imprison a Governor every ten years), has been called corrupt for withholding millions of dollars from the Tribune Corporation, owner of over a dozen newspapers, several television and zadio stations, and the Chicago Cubs. He wanted it to fire an editor, and not Jim Warren who actually was pretty good, but John McCormick (who cares?). The Tribune was a Herbert Hoover Newspaper, the one that announced that Dewey beat Truman, wrote nasty things about my father and a few lies about me, wanted a tax waiver on the Cubs, and decided all unions and anti-war protestors were "communists". These are the same people who took away the name Wrigley Field. What a crock.
The children's hospital? He did get 8 million to them, but wanted the CEO to donate 50K. He didn't. The hospital still got the money.
Now they are trying to use him against Obama. His quote about Obama? "Fuck him." See, Obama left the political field of Chicago for the safety of running for President and would not make Blago an ambassador in return for the right pick for senate.

Now, back to work.