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Monday, June 26, 2017



For further analysis, my rates are much higher.

One of the Palestinian terrorists so feared by the IDF is so frightening, what with waning that flag and all.  Will they need to torture him – or just kill him?  I imagine Viagra sells well in Israel.



(Any Name Here)

Seriously, -- no, we can't be serous, can we?

Recently, people have been asking me why Donald Trump did this or that or said this or that.  I have to be clear about this in responding.  Until I stopped working at it, and for a short time after, I was a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with an earned Dr. in front of my name and from a reputable University.  I no longer maintain the certification[1], but I will not abandon the Dr. despite how much the distinction has been vilified and besmirched recently.  For me to delve into Donald Trump's mind is a feat that would cost you greatly as it is bound to be a surrealistic experience.  Since he has hired a lawyer at $1,500/hour, who has then hired a lawyer to represent him, my charges would be quite high, I assure you.

I can make a few observations, however, based on his behavior, just as Pavlov did on animals.  He must have been bullied or at least intimidated greatly as a child until an attorney who worked with McCarthy of the "Anti-Communist Witch hunt" of the 50s gave him some advice.  His behavior ever since is quite akin to that of the late Senator who was finally disposed of with the words "Have you no shame?"  He died of alcoholism a bit later.

The term "Tribal" when applied to Trump followers seems a bit generous.  While Trump is not as concerned with the health of people and their problems, his followers are more akin to those of the late Jim Jones, of the Jonestown massacre wherein his followers all drank poison Kool Aid rather than be rescued.  A Trump follower is generally of an IQ below 100, or 105 at the highest, and believes every word he says and feels that he is under attack.  His advocates and supporters, however, are much more adept and, of course, well off financially. 

In other matter, the climate change deniers grow even more divorced from reality.  Recently, I tried to explained why it was too hot to fly or why modern airplanes could not take off in certain airports such as Phoenix, Arizona and elsewhere.  Mind you, I tried to keep it simple.  As air gets warmer, it expands.  This makes it less dense.  This means less resistance so planes could not get the needed "lift".  Well, "dense" started the problems.  Note that I did not even get into Bernoulli or air molecules, just tried to explain how air resistance goes.  I even resorted to explaining how a curve ball can curve as a result of resistance, and that left them even more bewildered.  It is far too late and education is far too challenged to cope with the problems.

Another Supreme Court vacancy is possible – Kennedy.  Are you depressed enough yet?  Well, he is probably not going to go just yet.  The court is no longer in session, but as a last gesture said that it would consider the First Amendment rights violations of Trump's Muslim ban closer to Halloween. 

My favorite sign had been "DEREGULATE MY UTERUS!"  Just recently, I've seen an even better one: "IF AN UNWANTED FETUS IS GOD'S WILL, SO IS A LIMP DICK!"  I like that one even better, but I'm not the best judge.  Hormonal urges are distracting and misleading.  At the same time, why is Viagra to be covered, but not Planned Parenthood?  It does not even use any Federal funds for abortion anyway.  What's the problem?  C'mon guys, your Christ has little to do with this and you know it.  Let the women worry about the fetuses – they seem to have more of an interest in them anyway.  I don't get it.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, what is the point?  The Brits were wise enough to almost get rid of May and the French dumped the chauvinistic party out on its ass.  We elected Trump.  Our only good choice was not to elect Hillary, but that left the Fool in charge. 

Palestine?  Do you really think that the poor, oppressed Zionists are in danger?  You are nuts if you do.  Yemen? Yes, we caused a cholera epidemic and it may spread to here.  I really doubt the 110 billion in weapons will eradicate Cholera.  All the Saudis want from Dubai is for them to shut down Al-Jazera (their television network).  It would be a nice gesture for us to shut down Fox News Channel to reciprocate.  Also the VOA and the Brits can shut down the BBC.  Yes, lets shut down any and all television news?

So far as Healthcare is concerned, we have become obsessed with counting Republicans who might be against the vicious attacks on the people in favor of giving Billions in tax cuts to the upper 2%.  If we are reduced to that, our future looks bleak indeed.

[1] For one thing, I saw no reason to pay them to tell me what I had already said to many of them.  Secondly, they were once headquartered in North or South Carolina and for a number of reasons unrelated to the science I had nothing to do with anything called "Carolina," no matter what the adjective before it.