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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Had Enough Yet?


Illustration has nothing to do with the content below.  Just the sort of things we miss.

Well, ok, this is where we are living.  This is now a country where a guy goes around grabbing women by their pussies, brags about it, and gets elected President.  We have guys masturbating into potted palm trees in front of women they hardly know.  No, I don't get it.

We have the medical doctor for the Olympic Gymnasts team stripping girls (6 years old and up) naked and rubbing his penis against them while digging into their vaginas with his fingers.  I've experienced a bit of something like that when I was an adolescent and competing in sports, but it was not even close to this.  In face, I'm still not even sure it was the same thing.  This is so blatant that it cannot be misinterpreted.  More below, but here is Fox News' version:

Oh, and then Trump apparently paid Stormy whatever $13K to keep quiet about their affair or sex scene while Melania was pregnant.   Hardly hear a word about that.

Bill Clinton almost got impeached over a "hummer" in the White House and the pursuer seems to have been Monica (but who really knows?  Guess it means what "is" "is"?)  Nixon?  Oh, never mind, this is just getting to weird for me. 

While all this crap is going on, however, the country is being eaten away like termites in a wooden house.  All this crap is distracting, obviously. 

However, I did ask some woman who said we males had to do our part, so I asked for a list.  She said, that's not her responsibility, but did pass on an article that suggested we object to locker-room talk.  Now, I assume she meant, or the article meant, not in an actual organized sports locker room.  That would be rather awkward.  Suppose someone said something sexist.

"I object to that sort of objectification of women." 

"Hey, you gay or something?"

"No, sorry, but if you wait long enough, perhaps the right guy will come along for you."

No, it would be far too bloody.  Not really cricket, don't you know?  I wonder about how many think Hillary lost because she was a woman?  Well, I'm sure Putin did not have that as a consideration so much as he did her interference in the Ukrainian government, suckering Russia into the UN deal on Libya, and assorted other things.  In fact, he may have transferred this to the entire country of the U.S. and was rather gleeful to see it punished with Donald Trump.  I'm also sure that he snickered when Trump said that all the women were marching to celebrate his first year in office.

And things are even more strange when we think of the FBI as a source of objectivity and find it attacked by the President's Office.  It was the agency that killed people once. 

Forget Hillary, the FBI, and get back to the sex abuse?  We seem to be surprised at all the complaints now about the women's Gymnastics Team and how the athletes were treated.  Well, it still happens and has happened for a long time, and not just in gymnastics.  Remember that these athletes are anywhere from 6 to 17 years old and all they have aspired to is the Olympics or to be a star in whatever sport they choose.  If they don't co-operate with the people in power, those with authority, they are told that there are many others ready to take their place, they are being done a great favor, they should be grateful, and not complain about a little discomfort.  I'd like to see it stop, but I don't think it will.

But this is only a bit of what happens here.  A student kills two other students and wounds fourteen others in Kentucky.

This couple has a baker's dozen of children and ties them to bedposts and apparently has been doing so for decades as the oldest is in the 20s, but looks like 14.  A 17 year old manages to escape and call 911 and now that is being processed.  Yes, things are running along smoothly.