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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Trump Pawns


Illustration: For a long time, I had nothing but contempt for LBJ, what with his forcing hundreds of thousands of people into the military combat in an illegal, vile, and disgusting war.  Now, he looks like a prophet.  He passed Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, the law that forbids discrimination on basis of NATIONAL ORIGIN, and so on.  At the same time, he was John Kennedy's vice President and the Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater, advocating "bombing Hanoi into the stone age," and the John Birch Society  (a fascistic organization backed by the Koch brothers' father – yes the ones who were behind the Tea Party). Not 

to be partisan, Nixon wanted a National Healthcare System.

If what he had so say above is not clear, perhaps you have heard of Bob Dylan:

So what has happened? Well, France just proved they had more brains than the American Public, but to be fair, her opponent was not very well-known, and he was certainly not the product of a fixed system as was Hillary.

On to Trump, starting with international affairs.  Brexit made Trump possible.  Trump made Le Pen impossible.  This will continue.  When we heard about the hack, if there was one, and heard that there was no election discussion possible, we posted this:

Fortunately, France got the idea and the warning was not needed.  Putin would like the European Union to fall apart, but that is unlikely now.

The attacks on Hispanics and especially Mexicans here have made our servant in Mexico very unpopular.  This will lead to the election of Obrador as the next President of Mexico.  We will do our best to prevent this, and the CIA knows it will come.  Will they follow orders and kill him first?  Even the previous right-wing President, Fox, said "We will not pay for your fucking wall!" [Direct quote] 

Speaking of Putin: he does not want NATO expanding eastward.  Russia has always been surrounded by enemies and of course he hates Hillary.  She helped the coup to overthrow a friendly leader (to Russia) with a fascist oriented one.  What is to be expected.

Let's move internally: Hillary announced that she is part of the resistance!  Who does she think she is fooling?  She is part of what many here resisted.  Many who voted for Trump originally voted for Obama – because he seemed to want to change things for the better.  This time around, Bernie Sanders attracted many of those who wanted such changes, but that was buried.

The typical Trump voter did not know much about policy, but most of them are furious at the healthcare dismantling the Republicans are carrying out.  Right now, they want to cut 840 Billion dollars from Medicaid.  Why? It's a part of "Tax Reform".  In this case, it means giving that money to the upper 1% of the population.  Of the 217 representatives who voted for this atrocity, only 17 were brave enough to have a town hall this time.  None of them were well-received.

Forget about net neutrality.  Forget about FCC regulation.  Right wing forces are taking over the media.  For example, Sinclair is taking over the Tribune – a right-wing newspaper at best, but at least a newspaper.  Get used to slower speeds.  However, in order to comment to the FCC, you can go to GOFCCYOURSELF.COM .  See, they made it incredibly complicated this time to comment, so this site was set up in order to make it easier. 

If we want to discuss regulation, the best sign so far in the many demonstrations is: DEREGULATE MY UTERUS!  I know, it's a women's thing, but they have no impute as to this health care bill.   All the senators working on the Senate version are white males of middle age (mainly).