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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hit Song Goes Viral


This song is flooding the internet, FM stations in major cities, has gone Uranium. It sums up all the the Absurd Times has been telling you during all the economic issues so, if you missed those, or found them boring, this will do as well. It is being sung in Blues Clubs, Coffee Houses, Jazz Joints, Rock Concerts, and Rap Festivals. I managed to obtain the lyrics through permission of the author, provided I didn't mention his name in this publication. Here they are, and use you own tune:

crazed and im gonna let ya know...


Crazed as any body

Crazed as anyone can be

Crazed - I tell ya

Crazed as anybody can be

Crazed little darlin'

kill you and yo' family

Now i was on the northeast side

of kansas city ya know

now i was on the northeast side

of kc don't we know

got a pocket full of greenbacks

in this economy

If i can't count on you

i'll try the FDIC - Oh lord now


people got there jack in hock

blame it on Barack

everybody wanna hush

when we know it was george bush

that's lower case on purpose!


i used to be a big fan

thought i was a big man

checked my accounts

saw it was a bounce

but now i know it was because

i listened to Allen Greenspanyep


wall street hedge fund folk

flying out of their window

now if the working man had an office that high

you know! that tha' sewer run dry!


The End.