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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Our World Now -- Media and Insanity


Our World Now

I tried to get Zarathustra to come back to see the "higher man," but he threw up in disgust and simply said "Nein!"  He admitted Schopenhauer was right.  There are no bridges left.

I don't know if this will be the last or not, but this is about the 4th time I've posted this list.  If anything, the consolidation has increased by now.   Still, we have some thoughts on the 20th anniversary of Democracy Now, one independent media voice.  It started with one, then five, then seven outlets, all on the radio.  One outlet in Houston had its transmitter blown up twice, probably by the KKK. Now it is over 1,400 outlets worldwide of TV and Radio, almost corporatized once but saved by a coalition of people like Dick Gregory, Michael Moore, etc. 

So what is going on now around this world?

Most recently, a 16 year old was shot dead while he was slashing away with two 10 inch knives at other students.  No information as to the context.

A skinny little twerp is being tried for mass murder at a church.  He gives the notion of White Supremacy a bad name.  This is a supreme human being?

A female Muslim cop was pushed down a staircase in New York and told to go back home.  This is her home and she was dressed in her cop uniform.

An old warehouse in Oakland rented out for $5,000 a month.  One man who lived there tried to keep it going as it was a meeting and central place for artists and musicians.  It burned down and 36 were fried.  Creativity is frowned upon in a Capitalist owned country.

Boys in grammar school have been grabbing at the genitals of girls, citing the President elect as an example.

Our media is pouring out a torrent of invective about Assad and Aleppo, mourning the "rebels".  Do they mean Al-Nusra?  Isis?  They talk about innocent civilians, but that is what they talked about before destroying Gaddafi and Libya.

The Israeli Parliament legalized the theft of Palestinian land.  The move was needed because their "Supreme Court" ruled it was illegal.  So, they changed the law.

It should be clear now that we have a one-party system.  Two wings, true, but one party.  Better Trump than Sanders who uses words like "Socialism".  Capitalism cannot allow such apostasy.

Our President elect has appointed a slew of right-wing zealots.  Some say it is like "Five Days in May," or the "Night of the Generals."  We need to demilitarize the cabinet.

Arab newspapers frequently use the word Donald Tramp, but that insults Charlie Chaplin.

Good News: The veterans, defending and protecting the constitution, having won at Wounded Knee had moved to Flint, Michigan.

Back to reality: does anyone remember when "Inherit the Wind" was a victory and people looked down on the city and state?  Well, here we are again.

PizzaGate: A fake news story, given credence by the appointed Secretary of State as a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton led to a guy with an assault weapon shooting inside the place.  Where did he get that damn gun?

Trump reminds me of the typical schoolyard bully of 10 years old.  Say nice things to him, he loves you.  Say bad things and he attacks.  

Strange that he has no time for Intelligence briefings, but never misses Saturday Night live or the Kelley File?

Do we really live in such a world?