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Wednesday, June 15, 2016



Lately, we have seen a great deal of attention given to domestic issues and nobody benefits from this more than Hillary Clinton.  Rather than rehas all of Hillary's war-mongering, we decided to focus on the domestic aspects of recent events.

The first seems to be Donald Trump (who is regularly called "Tramp" in many publications).  His big solution to all of our problems is that use the phrase "Radical Islam."  The reasoning seems to be that once we do that, all the terrorist attacks will stop.  It would seem most logical to also use the terms "Radical Christianity" for other people who commit massacres, and probably "Radical Judaism" for supporters of Israel, at least those who are busy passing laws to prohibit anti-bds activity.  Of course, Radical Xtianity is also behind such legislation. 

Of course, Trump has shifted a bit, instead talking about banning anyone who came from a country that has had terrorism problems, point of origin, so to speak.  Of course, he thought that the Orlando creep was born in Afghanistan, but it turns out that he was born in Queens NY.  Well, let's ban all people born in Queens, including Trump.  Better yet, lets build a wall around queens.  I never cared about Queens anyway.  Brooklyn was OK, maybe Manhattan, but not Queens.  So Trump has to be rounded up and deported and re-enter this country legally or go to Queens once the wall is constructed.

Radical Christianity has its own tradition, and the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witchcraft trials are a couple.  The reckless bombing of Gaza is an example of Radical Judaism. 

See, all of this is based on a literal, although illiterate, reading to the so-called Holy Books.  If you want to see some of the tenants of Radical Christianity and Judaism, you can read Deuteronomy and Leviticus.  They are especially harsh on women who "grabbeth a man by his secrets." 

Now we have this mess in Orlando.  Some guy whose father says he was offended by seeing two men kissing got an automatic rifle (perfectly legal under today's gun laws) and started shooting.  Same type of gun that was used in Sandy Hook by radical Christians I suppose and at the movie theaters by a radical Batman aficionado.  These guns require hardly any skill.  Not even average hand-eye co-ordination is required.  Just a lot of bullets.

Well, should men kiss each other in public?  Well, they got the right.  I'm not thrilled by it, nor by two women, nor by a man and a woman, nor by a woman breast feeding, nor by Cocoa Puffs, but what the hell?  If it turns them on, let them.

Then what about LBGTQ rights?  I'm not sure yet what the Q stands for, but it is not Quixotic, I'm pretty sure.  Why get into a fuss about it?

One could honestly suspect that Donald Trump is a plant by the Democratic party to make sure that the Republican Party is crushed this year, and it may well work, sort of like Barry Goldwater did back in the 60s.  Instead of Daddy Koch's John Birch Society, we have the sons' Tea party rooting out radical Islam and homosexuality. 

Oh yes, and abortion.  DNA and the fetus is nothing more than a blueprint.  Any man and woman waste hundreds of thousands of potential Beethovins every time they have any sort of release.  So when does the blueprint become a human?  Don't human's have opposable thumbs, the ability to walk on two legs, of speech unless something was wrong with the blueprint?  Maybe Leviticus knows.

I do know one thing: ISIL, and Isilanity, would be very happy to be called Radical Islamists.